Fling Engine  0.00.1
Fling Engine is a game engine written in Vulkan
Fling::GraphicsHelpers Namespace Reference


UINT32 FindMemoryType (VkPhysicalDevice t_PhysicalDevice, UINT32 t_Filter, VkMemoryPropertyFlags t_Props)
 Find a suitable memory type for use on the current device. More...
void CreateBuffer (VkDevice t_Device, VkPhysicalDevice t_PhysicalDevice, VkDeviceSize t_Size, VkBufferUsageFlags t_Usage, VkMemoryPropertyFlags t_Properties, VkBuffer &t_Buffer, VkDeviceMemory &t_BuffMemory)
VkCommandBuffer BeginSingleTimeCommands ()
void EndSingleTimeCommands (VkCommandBuffer t_CommandBuffer)
void CreateVkImage (UINT32 t_Width, UINT32 t_Height, VkFormat t_Format, VkImageTiling t_Tiling, VkImageUsageFlags t_Useage, VkMemoryPropertyFlags t_Props, VkImage &t_Image, VkDeviceMemory &t_Memory)
VkImageView CreateVkImageView (VkImage t_Image, VkFormat t_Format, VkImageAspectFlags t_AspectFalgs)
 Create a an image view for vulkan with the given format. More...
VkFormat FindSupportedFormat (const std::vector< VkFormat > &t_Candidates, VkImageTiling t_Tiling, VkFormatFeatureFlags t_Features)
void TransitionImageLayout (VkImage t_Image, VkFormat t_Format, VkImageLayout t_oldLayout, VkImageLayout t_NewLayout)
bool HasStencilComponent (VkFormat t_format)
 Returns true if the given format has a stencil component. More...

Function Documentation

◆ BeginSingleTimeCommands()

VkCommandBuffer Fling::GraphicsHelpers::BeginSingleTimeCommands ( )

◆ CreateBuffer()

void Fling::GraphicsHelpers::CreateBuffer ( VkDevice  t_Device,
VkPhysicalDevice  t_PhysicalDevice,
VkDeviceSize  t_Size,
VkBufferUsageFlags  t_Usage,
VkMemoryPropertyFlags  t_Properties,
VkBuffer &  t_Buffer,
VkDeviceMemory &  t_BuffMemory 

◆ CreateVkImage()

void Fling::GraphicsHelpers::CreateVkImage ( UINT32  t_Width,
UINT32  t_Height,
VkFormat  t_Format,
VkImageTiling  t_Tiling,
VkImageUsageFlags  t_Useage,
VkMemoryPropertyFlags  t_Props,
VkImage &  t_Image,
VkDeviceMemory &  t_Memory 

◆ CreateVkImageView()

VkImageView Fling::GraphicsHelpers::CreateVkImageView ( VkImage  t_Image,
VkFormat  t_Format,
VkImageAspectFlags  t_AspectFalgs 

Create a an image view for vulkan with the given format.

◆ EndSingleTimeCommands()

void Fling::GraphicsHelpers::EndSingleTimeCommands ( VkCommandBuffer  t_CommandBuffer)

◆ FindMemoryType()

UINT32 Fling::GraphicsHelpers::FindMemoryType ( VkPhysicalDevice  t_PhysicalDevice,
UINT32  t_Filter,
VkMemoryPropertyFlags  t_Props 

Find a suitable memory type for use on the current device.

t_FilterType of memory types that are suitable for this application
t_PropsMemory properties

◆ FindSupportedFormat()

VkFormat Fling::GraphicsHelpers::FindSupportedFormat ( const std::vector< VkFormat > &  t_Candidates,
VkImageTiling  t_Tiling,
VkFormatFeatureFlags  t_Features 

◆ HasStencilComponent()

bool Fling::GraphicsHelpers::HasStencilComponent ( VkFormat  t_format)

Returns true if the given format has a stencil component.

◆ TransitionImageLayout()

void Fling::GraphicsHelpers::TransitionImageLayout ( VkImage  t_Image,
VkFormat  t_Format,
VkImageLayout  t_oldLayout,
VkImageLayout  t_NewLayout