Fling Engine  0.00.1
Fling Engine is a game engine written in Vulkan
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Fling Namespace Reference



Data Structures

class  Buffer
 A Buffer represents a Vulkan buffer with a size, buffer pointer, and buffer memory. More...
class  Camera
 Base class for camera, meant to be overridden. More...
class  DepthBuffer
class  DesktopWindow
 Base class that represents a window to the Fling Engine using GLFW. More...
class  Engine
 Core engine class of Fling. More...
class  File
 A file is a basic text file that contains a basic text file. More...
class  FirstPersonCamera
 A simple first person camera. More...
class  FlingConfig
 Provide simple access to engine configuration options from an INI file #TODO Parse command line options as well. More...
struct  FlingPaths
 Static set of useful engine paths and directories. More...
class  FlingWindow
 Base class that represents a window to the Fling Engine. More...
class  Image
 An image represents a 2D file that has data about each pixel in the image. More...
class  Input
 Base input class for polling input in the Fling Engine. More...
class  Instance
 The instance is a representation of this application graphics instance in Vulkan. More...
class  JsonFile
 A JsonFile provides an interface for easily using JSON files. More...
class  Key
struct  KeyNames
class  Level
 A level contains active objects and provides the environment for the player. More...
class  Logger
 Singleton class that allows logging to the console as well as async to a file. More...
class  LogicalDevice
 A logical device represents the application view of the device. More...
class  Model
 A model represents a 3D model (.obj files for now) with vertices and indecies. More...
struct  MousePos
 represents the current mouse position in screen space More...
class  NonCopyable
 Class that removes the copy operator and constructor. More...
class  PhysicalDevice
 A physical device represents the Vulkan physical device (the GPU) that we are currently using. More...
class  Random
class  Renderer
 Core renderer for the application More...
class  Resource
 Base class that represents a loaded resource in the engine. More...
class  ResourceManager
 The resource manager handles loading of files off disk. More...
class  Singleton
 Class that can have only one instance. More...
class  Swapchain
 Represents a swap chain that can be used throughout the program. More...
struct  SwapChainSupportDetails
class  Timing
struct  UniformBufferObject
 UniformBufferObjectRepresents the UBO in C++. More...
struct  Version
struct  Vertex
 Basic Vertex outline for use with our vertex buffers. More...
struct  WindowProps
 Window creation data. More...
class  World
 The world holds all active levels in the game. More...


using json = nlohmann::json
typedef entt::hashed_string Guid
typedef entt::hashed_string::hash_type Guid_Handle


enum  KeyState : UINT8 { KeyState::NONE, KeyState::DOWN, KeyState::UP }


static bool bGlfwInitalized = false
std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::time_point sStartTime

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Typedef Documentation

◆ Guid

typedef entt::hashed_string Fling::Guid

◆ Guid_Handle

typedef entt::hashed_string::hash_type Fling::Guid_Handle

◆ json

using Fling::json = typedef nlohmann::json

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ KeyState

enum Fling::KeyState : UINT8

Variable Documentation

◆ bGlfwInitalized

bool Fling::bGlfwInitalized = false

◆ sStartTime

std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::time_point Fling::sStartTime