Fling Engine  0.00.1
Fling Engine is a game engine written in Vulkan
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Fling::FirstPersonCamera Class Reference

A simple first person camera. More...

#include <FirstPersonCamera.h>

Inherits Fling::Camera.

Public Member Functions

 FirstPersonCamera (float aspectRatio, float t_MoveSpeed=10.0f, float t_RotSpeed=40.f)
 FirstPersonCamera (glm::vec3 position, glm::vec3 rotation, float speed, float aspectRatio)
 FirstPersonCamera (glm::vec3 front, glm::vec3 up, glm::vec3 position, glm::vec3 rotation, float speed, float nearPlane, float farPlane, float fov, float aspectRatio)
void Update (float dt) override
float GetRotationSpeed () const
void SetRotationSpeed (float t_NewSpeed)
bool IsRotating () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Fling::Camera
 Camera ()
virtual ~Camera ()=default
const float GetNearPlane () const
 Gets the near plane of the view frustrum. More...
void SetNearPlane (const float &nearPlane)
const float GetFarPlane () const
 Gets the far plane of the view frustrum. More...
void SetFarPlane (const float &farPlane)
const float GetFieldOfView () const
 Gets the field of view angle from the view frustrum. More...
void SetFieldOfView (const float &fieldOfView)
const glm::vec3 & GetPosition () const
const glm::vec3 & GetRotation () const
const float GetSpeed () const
const float GetAspectRatio () const
const glm::mat4 & GetViewMatrix () const
 Gets the view matrix created by the current camera position and rotation. More...
const glm::mat4 & GetProjectionMatrix () const
 Gets the projection matrix used by camera. More...

Private Member Functions

void UpdateViewMatrix ()
void UpdateProjectionMatrix ()
void UpdateCameraVectors ()

Private Attributes

glm::vec3 m_front
glm::vec3 m_up
glm::vec3 m_right
glm::vec3 m_worldUp
float m_RotationSpeed = 20.0f
bool m_IsRotating = false
MousePos m_PrevMousePos

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Fling::Camera
glm::mat4 m_viewMatrix
glm::mat4 m_projectionMatrix
glm::vec3 m_position
float m_speed
glm::vec3 m_rotation
float m_aspectRatio
float m_nearPlane
float m_farPlane
float m_fieldOfView

Detailed Description

A simple first person camera.

Moves with WASD and rotates with right click + drag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FirstPersonCamera() [1/3]

Fling::FirstPersonCamera::FirstPersonCamera ( float  aspectRatio,
float  t_MoveSpeed = 10.0f,
float  t_RotSpeed = 40.f 

◆ FirstPersonCamera() [2/3]

Fling::FirstPersonCamera::FirstPersonCamera ( glm::vec3  position,
glm::vec3  rotation,
float  speed,
float  aspectRatio 

◆ FirstPersonCamera() [3/3]

Fling::FirstPersonCamera::FirstPersonCamera ( glm::vec3  front,
glm::vec3  up,
glm::vec3  position,
glm::vec3  rotation,
float  speed,
float  nearPlane,
float  farPlane,
float  fov,
float  aspectRatio 

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetRotationSpeed()

float Fling::FirstPersonCamera::GetRotationSpeed ( ) const

◆ IsRotating()

bool Fling::FirstPersonCamera::IsRotating ( ) const

◆ SetRotationSpeed()

void Fling::FirstPersonCamera::SetRotationSpeed ( float  t_NewSpeed)

◆ Update()

void Fling::FirstPersonCamera::Update ( float  dt)

Implements Fling::Camera.

◆ UpdateCameraVectors()

void Fling::FirstPersonCamera::UpdateCameraVectors ( )

◆ UpdateProjectionMatrix()

void Fling::FirstPersonCamera::UpdateProjectionMatrix ( )

◆ UpdateViewMatrix()

void Fling::FirstPersonCamera::UpdateViewMatrix ( )

Field Documentation

◆ m_front

glm::vec3 Fling::FirstPersonCamera::m_front

◆ m_IsRotating

bool Fling::FirstPersonCamera::m_IsRotating = false

◆ m_PrevMousePos

MousePos Fling::FirstPersonCamera::m_PrevMousePos

◆ m_right

glm::vec3 Fling::FirstPersonCamera::m_right

◆ m_RotationSpeed

float Fling::FirstPersonCamera::m_RotationSpeed = 20.0f

◆ m_up

glm::vec3 Fling::FirstPersonCamera::m_up

◆ m_worldUp

glm::vec3 Fling::FirstPersonCamera::m_worldUp

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