Fling Engine  0.00.1
Fling Engine is a game engine written in Vulkan
Namespaces | Typedefs
FlingTypes.h File Reference
#include <cstdint>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <entt/core/hashed_string.hpp>

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typedef uint8_t UINT8
typedef unsigned short UINT16
typedef uint32_t UINT32
typedef uint64_t UINT64
typedef int8_t INT8
typedef signed short INT16
typedef int32_t INT32
typedef int64_t INT64
typedef entt::hashed_string Fling::Guid
typedef entt::hashed_string::hash_type Fling::Guid_Handle

Typedef Documentation

◆ INT16

typedef signed short INT16

◆ INT32

typedef int32_t INT32

◆ INT64

typedef int64_t INT64

◆ INT8

typedef int8_t INT8

◆ UINT16

typedef unsigned short UINT16

◆ UINT32

typedef uint32_t UINT32

◆ UINT64

typedef uint64_t UINT64


typedef uint8_t UINT8